Visits Counter

 What is a Visits Counter?
Adding a visits counter to your page will tell each visitor how many times they have visited your tumblr. We have created an example below (refresh the page and see the number increase).

You have visited times!

Or you can customize the text yourself and add in anything you like 'You've hugged me 8 times!', 'You've stalked me 8 times!', 'I've seen you creepin' 8 times before!'
 How to install the Visits Counter
Installing a Visits Counter to your profile is easy, just follow the step by step instructions below.
Step 1     Using your left mouse button click in the box below copy the Visits Counter code

Step 2     Click here or click Customize appearence on your Tumblr Dashboard/Tumblelog

Step 3     Click the "Info" tab in the top left corner of the customize page

Step 4     Paste the code you copied in Step 1 into your Description box

Step 5     Click the green "Save + Close" button in the top right corner and your Visits Counter is installed!