1989 Tumblr Theme

Live Preview
Install Theme
Adding Instagram

How to install this theme

to automatically the code below
Go to your Tumblr blog and in the top right corner click
A new page will load, click in the top left corner of the customize page
On the left you should now see a lot of HTML code. This is where you will put your theme code.
Select all and delete the existing theme code
Type RESET into the empty box
Click then click
Your old theme is now cleared. Delete the text RESET that you typed
Paste in the code you copied in Step 1
Click then again
Some of the theme might be not fully functional in the live preview, but it is successfully installed
Now hit in the top left corner and finally hit
Your new theme is installed!
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Still need help? Click Here for a video guide on installing themes

How to add Instagram to your theme

Go to embedagram.com and click the red text that says "...let's get started"
A new page will load asking you to allow Embedagram access to your Instagram photos
Click the button
Another page will load with 3 gray boxes, click the last box called 'the jQuery plugin'
Now on this page find your Instagram ID, select and copy it
Go to your Tumblr blog and in the top right corner click
Scroll down the lsit on the left and find the option 'Instagram ID' and paste your Instagram ID
The feed will not show in your live preview, but it will now be successfully installed
Refresh your blog and your Instagram feed is installed!
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