Red Fox MySpace Layout

 How to install this layout
Installing the Red Fox MySpace 3.0 Layout to your profile is easy, just follow the step by step instructions below.
Step 1     Using your left mouse button click in the box below to copy Part 1 of the layout code

Step 2     Click here or open your About me section and paste and save the code your copied in Step 1

Step 3     Now, using your left mouse button again click in the box below to copy the Part 2 of the layout code

Step 4     Go to the Design Your Profile page and click Build a Theme.

Step 5     In the pop-up window that appears click the Background tab, then click Add background image...                  then click Type URL and paste Part 2 of the code that you copied in Step 3

Step 6     Click Done and then Publish and your new layout is installed!