Installing a Tumblr Theme

Step 1

Head to your Tumblr dashboard and click on 'Customize' in the sidebar (on the right). It will bring you to the customize page for your tumblr blog. Or click here to go right to your Customize page.

Step 2

When you're on the 'Customize' page click 'Edit Theme' and you will be taken to the theme editing page.

Step 3

On this page you will see a bunch of crazy code which you need to delete in order to install a new theme, the code already there is the code of your current theme you want to replace.

Step 4

Select all the code and delete it. You can select all by clicking with your right mouse button on the theme code and selecting 'Select All' and then hitting 'Delete' on your keyboard.

Step 5

Your theme code box should now look blank and empty, like this.

Step 6

Now you want to browse and chose a Tumblr Theme from TotallyLayouts, once you have found one you like you need to copy the Theme code. Simply click on the code and it will automatically Select All, then you just need to copy! (How to copy? Windows user press Ctrl + C for Mac users Shift + ⌘ Command)

Step 7

Now go back to your Tumblr window with the empty code box and paste in the Theme code. You can do this by clicking the right mouse button and selecting 'Paste'. The Theme code will now be fully pasted (and look something like the image below).

Step 8

Now you want to Preview and Save your new theme. You can do this easily but clicking 'Update Preview' and then 'Save'. Your Theme is now installed!

Step 9

If you want to make additional customizing changes to the theme click the 'Back Arrow' in the top left corner.

Step 10

You will then see a list of options you can play around with to change the look of your theme.

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