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A Follower Counter is great for showing off how many followers you have and how many new followers you're gaining!

  • Give your followers access to a full follower statistics page unique to you!
  • We'll calculate your follower trends.
  • Provide you with predictions on how may followers you'll gain over the next week, month and year.
  • Generate your follower vs following battles.
  • Privacy controls, keep your statistics private at the click of a button!

  • You'll instantly get a unique Tumblr Follower counter to add to your blog with a simple snippet of HTML. You can customize the counter to say whatever you like!

    Counter examples:


    346,865 Subscribers

    48,249 Anything you like here...
    It's so simple, just click the button above to connect to your Tumblr and everything is created for you! We do not auto-post to your blog and we don't collect or store any of your personal details. It's 100% safe and secure!